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About Galeri Zen1

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ZEN1 Gallery was born from the hands of an art lover who has spent more than a decade dabbling in the world, from becoming a marketer at art shop, working on dozens of small and large-scale exhibition programs, until managing four galleries in Ubud and Jakarta. After devouring full experience, desire arises to build his own gallery. An art gallery that accommodates the works of local contemporary modern artists, national and international. 

Etymologically, the word ‘ZEN1’ can be read as ‘Art’. The ZEN element is taken from the previous business umbrella. Meanwhile, the number one symbolizes the lofty aspiration to become the number one gallery. The interior and exterior concept of the Zen1 Gallery carries a futuristic theme, minimalist and industrial. When entering this three floors building, eyes will be pampered with a typical warehouse interior with a blend of gray, brown, black and white, whose corners were carefully thought out.

Inaugurated on March 7, 2020, the ZEN1 gallery opens its existence by a group exhibition called “The Divine Step” that is alive with 19 of Bali’s contemporary artist. Our mission is to foster creativity, support artistic talent, and promote diverse and innovative art forms. In 2021, ZEN1 Gallery Kesiman Bali together with Second Floor Coffee was opened as an extension of this mission, serving as a space where artists can thrive, showcase their work, and engage with the local and global art community.

With a strong presence in Bali, The ZEN1 Gallery is now expand to Jakarta that is seen as vibrant hub of creativity and cultural diversity. Officiated in 2023, the new branch of ZEN1 Gallery Jakarta and Second Floor Coffee will serve as a bridge between local and international artists, creating a space for artistic dialogue and cultural exchange, bringing the same vision and mission to continue contributing meaningfully to the art scene.

ZEN1 Gallery is designed to meet the needs of contemporary modern art now in greater demand. There are three services offered by the ZEN1 Gallery, which are sales service, art consulting and fine art gallery. It is in line with his vision, which is to be one stop artists and collectors destination all around the world.

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Our Team

Nicolaus F. Kuswanto
Director Galeri Zen1

Rini Anggraeni 
Head Accounting

Aprillia Agustina
Asst. Accounting

Indira Dewi
Head Operational

Venna Octatia
Gallery Attendant

Special Event Request

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